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Blog Days Wed-Sat by Sari Schwartz


Hard to believe that the second half of this week could be better than the first, but Singapore continued to amaze the group. On Wednesday, we started off the day by visiting DTS- Digital Theatre Systems, Inc. Everyone really enjoyed the visit and interactive Q&A session with the head of the office, but most of all students loved the demo of the sound technology this company produces. We were taken into a sound proof room in groups of 8, and shown a 5 minute clip of Ice Age, while instructed to listen for the high quality sound in the movie. Actually being able to experience the product a company is selling really does help create a fuller picture when understanding the company’s structure and strategy all together. Later that day we visited Yokogama Electric, a electronic and software production and sales company. We were taken back to the assembly line room and were able to see in first person the precision and time it takes to make goods that we use everyday. We ended the day with a visit to the American Chamber of Commerce, in which we got to take part in a discussion with a panel of American international businessmen who currently reside with their families in Singapore. Students loved asking these mentors for advice on what languages to take or activities to become involved in if they wish to one day practice international business as well. One of the panelist highly encouraged knowing the history of the country you plan on working and living in.

On Thursday we went to a printing company called Times Printers and were first introduced to the company and then taken on a tour of the facilities. One of the aspects of this LINC experience that students have been appreciating most is the diverse nature of our company visits. It’s been very eye opening to be exposed to so many different types of companies! Later that day we were given a campus visit of the National University of Singapore and were amazed at how little the admissions committee looks at students extracurricular in comparison to the heavy emphasis they place on academic merit. Later that night we had an alumni mixer while catching the light show in the Marina Bay Sands! It was amazing.

Friday we visited a law office called Kelvin Chia LLp and discussed issues of corruption in business. Later that night we had our closing dinner which was a good end to the trip!

Today we were given a free day and took cable cars into a neighboring island of Singapore called Sentosa. It was absolutely beautiful and a great tourist destination.

We are all devastated to be leaving tomorrow. It has been a truly amazing trip.