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Final Reflection by Sari Schwartz

And that’s a wrap. Seven days.  Two blog posts. Numerous business meetings. And an entire new group of USC friends. This trip has truly been productive to say the least.

As I fly back to my hometown of Chicago for the summer, I can’t help but to reflect on not only the most fun, but also most pivotal moments of this past year. Freshman year is notorious for allowing individuals to grow and change for the better. Understanding this aspect of this last year has allowed me to more clearly understand why Marshall Business School would send 85% of its freshmen on a week long international trip, where they are representing their country, their school and their selves. Even throughout the trip I was nervous one of my peers might fall asleep during one of the business presentations or laugh and be loud at inappropriate times. But I can proudly say that was just not the case on this trip. Every single one of my peers took tremendous pride in the daily excursions and learning experiences. Each day all my peers on this trip would meet in the lobby on time and in appropriate business casual manner.  Students were attentive and respectful at early morning presentations. Question and answers sessions were always very interactive.

In addition, at the end of the day when we could take off our name tags and explore Singapore on our own time, this group was unbelievably inclusive of everyone. Seriously. I have never seen anything like what I saw on this trip, especially in terms of togetherness and unity. I attribute part of this phenomenon to the Trojan Family dynamic that has been instilled in us so deeply over the course of this past year. The other part must be attributed to the specific individuals on the trip. My parents always stressed that humans are mostly 90% a product of their environment. And after a couple of the students expressed a willingness to get to know others, the attitude spread to more and more kids.

Thank you Marshall for both an incredible experience, and the opportunity to form so many meaningful relationships within my Trojan Family. Fight on!